Hey guys! I'm so happy to see that you've come to my blog (I hope you enjoy reading it!) So i assume you've clicked this link to know more about me? Am I right? Welllllll, I'm not the most exciting person In the world, but I'll try my hardest to entertain you with this post! So keep reading :)

My full name is Daisy Cherry Blaskett, I'm 18 years young and live in Hertfordshire.. which is just outside London! I live with my mum, dad, brother and dog and were just an average family, nothing more to say really! I currently work in Morrisons (cry cry cry) after recently leaving full time education. I don't intend to stay here all my life but its good at the moment and I'm happy there.

I'm sure about 75% of you have some from my Instagram so you probably all know that I'm currently recovering from Anorexia after being diagnosed a year ago. I'm a healthy weight at the moment but still struggle quiet badly which sucks, but day by day I'm slowly getting there! If you'd like to know more about my story/questions about my E.D feel free to comment! Don't be shy.

As I stated, I've recently just come out of full time education.. I was at sixth form for as year and abit studying dance. I loved it soso much but with all the stress from my eating disorder and work I finally decided that I didn't want to be a dancer or pursue a career in dance, so I left! I do occasionally regret it but there's not much I can do about it!

I have a huge passion for baking/creating recipes.. I don't understand how someone could not enjoy baking?? It's amazing (Great British Bake Off is the best show evaaaaaa btw) So you will see quiet a few recipes posted on here, some requested from Instagram, some made up by me and some I've found on the internet and enjoyed using:) 

Equally, I have a huge passion for makeup and beauty etc, idk why I just really enjoy putting on makeup.. Is that weird? I also love buying makeup haha! Having a little collection of different products makes me so happy, so you'll see a few posts beauty related!

Annnnnd lastly, you'll find some posts of me just waffaling on about random nonsense that is probably irrelevant to everyone and everything but I love a good chit chat every now and then.. even if there isn't someone reply to me haha!

So yeah, that's abit about me and my blog and I'm sure with the many months to come you'll get to know me abit more! So continue reading because I love you lots and lots.


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