Vegan Makeup Brands (UK)

So I thought for todays blog post, I'd put together a list of vegan beauty brands, which i've researched on the internet. It's unknown whether to source is 100% reliable, but non the less I shall tell you about them any way.

  1. Lush Cosmetics - They clearly state on all/most of there products that they are vegan friendly, and they have a small collection on beauty products. I've used lots of there bath products and soaps however I'm yet to use there makeup. Next time I find myself in a lush store I will definitely pick up some cosmetics to try and let you know!  NOTES: Not Leaping Bunny approved. Some products not vegan, but all are vegetarian. They do not test on animals.
  2. E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) - This is a product that is only available online in the UK - However, I am aware that it is available in store in the U.S. I have tried many of these products, and I have to say, they are of very high standard.. for such a cheap price! - I haven't recently bought anything, but from previous experience, there lip products are amazing! I may have to repurchase some products and do a separate blog post, so watch out! NOTES: Not Leaping Bunny approved, but they do not test on animals and no longer use animal ingredients. They did in the past use beeswax, lanolin etc. so you may find out of date information being discussed on old web pages.
  3. Uraban Decay - this is one of the few high end products that actually cater for vegan ethics, and for this I am very happy! Urban decay's products are of very high standard, and I love the very little collection of there makeup that I actually have. I would definitely recommend this brand. NOTES: Leaping Bunny approved. Some vegan items. See the Vegan section of their website for all suitable products.
  4. Barry M - I am aware that this product is easily reachable for a high number of people. You can find them in common drug stores like Boots and Superdrug. I haven't had much experience with this brand, other than there nail varnish. However, I'm sure it's quiet a popular brand and the prices are very reasonable. Not Leaping Bunny approved but no products are animal tested, some contain animal products (beeswax).
  5. BeautyUK - This brand isn't big in the UK, however I have seen it around before. From what I've seen these products are very reasonable in price, however I couldn't comment on the standards of these products because I've never used them. NOTES: Not Leaping Bunny approved. Don't test on animals, most products are vegetarian and vegan approved.
These are only a small selection of beauty brands available for vegans. As I'm sure, there are plenty more that I am yet to discover. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you soon!

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