Why I Chose To Become Vegetarian

My whole life, I have always wondered why someone would consider becoming vegetarian.. I mean who doesn't love meat?! - my auntie and cousin are vegetarian and I just couldn't come to terms why someone would restrict what they eat in such a drastic way.. I mean some animals are bread to be eaten, so why shouldn't we eat them?
It's safe to say that this was how I thought for 16 years of my life.. until November 2012 (when my ed started) I started to restrict my intake quiet drastically shall we say.
I was having very little protein, fat, carbs.. it was all minimal! At this point it never crossed my mind to become a vegetarian, however when I started to recover and began following recovery accounts on instagram I noticed a lot of pescetarians, vegetarians and vegans. It opened up my mindset alot to the way people ate and how things could be adapted.
I was always to scared to ask my mum if I could become veggie during my process of gaining weight and I knew she'd see it as another form of restriction (and it most likely would've been). From then on I was in awe of anyone that was allowed to be vegetarian, everything looked so healthy and delicious and It just seems such an interesting way of life.
After turning 18 and finally being weight restored (my mum seems to think i'm fully recovered now lol) I declared a few times to my mum that I've decided to become vegetarian, she never agreed with it and convinced me otherwise, but It suddenly clicked in my brain.. I don't want to become vegetarian because it's healthy and make me lose weight bla bla bla.. I decided I want to do this because I love animals and they have a right to live, so after contemplating it in my head for a few days and after a week of unintentionally not eating meat.. I finally came to the conclusion that I WANT to become a vegetarian.. not because my eating disorder has told me to, not because I think it's healthy or cool or whatever.. but for the right reason. And I am now proud to say that I am a vegetarian!
Despite my mum not really bothering to care whether I am or not.. she still makes rude comments that are unnecessary and makes me angry.. I suppose some people only think of them selves.

Sorry for the random chatty post but i thought it was different to any of my other posts:) I hope you enjoyed reading.. also leave some comments of vegetarian recipes you enjoy! Or let me know why/what made you become vegetarian :) LOVE YOU ALL xxx


  1. That's lovely xx your mom should support you no matter what expecially with this! I love your blog and your instagram!

    1. Awh thankyou sweetie! I knit, but I don't think she'll ever agree with it x

  2. This is such a lovely post. It's awe inspiring that you are so open about your struggles and it must have been quite an emotional struggle for you.
    Such a brilliant post, thank you :)